Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Freshalopes

freshelopes ebj
Eliselope, Bridgelope and Jessalope

They were sitting on the couch there last Friday night and they didn't know if John was telling them the truth about the existence of the Jackalope. I had to take this picture for them!!!


Anonymous said...

well thats a gross picture... but i love the horns!! this is my favorite blog so far.

Bridget said...

haha, oh mom. You did a good job editing this!! ha. So theres no such thing as jackalopes right? :D

Anonymous said...

haha I love it but i still don't know if jackalops are real!!

Anonymous said...

Girls. These fake horns are fine for inside but remember if you walk around outside with them on and accidentally wander into another jackalope's territory, it could be dangerous. More and more jackelope attacks are happening as humans keep moving into their natural habitat.

Bridget's dad.