Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, the Flowers!

I'm done going through the wedding photos now from the Kelleys Island Adventure, and I thought I should post more here. The flowers were just outstanding!!! I think they may have been especially so because of the grey sky. I'm just sayin', every cloud has a silver lining...

KI 464

KI 477-1

The bride's bouquet included this marvelous silver handle which added to the day!

KI 372


Deirdre said...

and we so love photography with clouds. :) Such beautiful purple!

pearlie said...

Been awhile since I came and these pictures blew me away. Orchids are seldom used here as wedding bouquets but these are spectacular!

pearlie said...

heh ... I have not been commenting in such a long time, I forgot to click on "email follow up comments".