Monday, October 05, 2009

Ping & Pong's Epic Island Adventure

I have been very lax with blogging here (or busy doing other things) but I do need to go back and tell about one of the side benefits of going to Kelleys Island last weekend. I invited Cathy, aka Pong, to go with me. She's

KI 065-1
We met the Queen Mother & Dad at the ferry and rode the stormy seas over to the island. Friday night, we hung out with my sisters & the family and stayed at Kelleys Island Venture Resort where the wedding was on Saturday afternoon.

KI 075-1
After the wedding, Pong picked out a yellow bike to tour the island.

KI 078-1
We rode many miles around the island...

KI 008-2 KI 024-1
and explored the old winery ruins.

KI 086-2
We stopped by this old house which could have been taken from Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds.

KI 087
The birds were calm at the moment, but we didn't stay long to see what they would do.

KI 037-1
Pong watches the island recede into memory.

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Deirdre said...

Oh lovely. And sounds like SO much fun!