Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Falling Slowly

This past weekend was so beautiful outside that Maria and I took the opportunity to go on one more senior photo adventure. She has been too busy to go earlier! Sunday afternoon, we walked around downtown and focused on close-ups. Here are a few so far...

maria 086-1 maria 104-1 maria 056-1
maria 111-1

We had such a great afternoon, the weather was awesome, we took a potty break at the Amway Grand Plaza, we walked along the river. I could have done this forever and then I saw a hill covered with fallen golden leaves which added to a growing anxious feeling that this time is almost over. Maria didn't want to pose for me on this hill which I thought would have been emblematic of the time - she had about had it.

maria 233


S. Etole said...

beautiful daughter ... beautiful shots ... like the way you caught her reflection in the last one

spread your wings said...


cristie said...

lovely daughter...i need to take my senior out as well. such a fun day. xox