Monday, November 23, 2009

Pride & Prejudice

Maria & Bridget have been busy preparing for this play based on the book by Jane Austen for the past 6 weeks. Maria played a girl named Belinda who was a girl at the ball and Bridget was one of the dancers. They put on performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. We went Saturday night and it was amazing!

maria & bridgie maria & frick maria abby
Maria & Bridget, Frick-n-Maria, Maria with Kate & Abby after the show

Maria played Belinda at the Ball.

frick & abby
Frick was outstanding as Mr. Darcy and Abby was a perfect Elizabeth

bridget curtain call
Bridget was one of the Ballroom dancers. I took this one at the curtain call.

maria curtain call 2
I also caught a few of Maria at the curtain call.


ELK said...

great show!

Elizabeth said...

We were so impressed with the performance. It was absolutely awesome along with the English accents. One would swear they were from the mother country! It was worth the trip to G.R. I'm so glad we went!

cristie said...

darling kids that all look like they had a great time. xox