Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh. Wow.

Her name is Willow.

willow 126-1sep

It seemed like yesterday, my neighbor & I were out watching our kids play. Now her oldest is home from Alaska for the first time with her new baby. She asked me if I would take pictures when she was home and of course I was more than happy to!

This is the first one I took of about 200:

willow 013-1
Isn't she so sweet??? What a good baby!

We sat around and chatted, drank coffee and took pix. Here are a few:

willow 036-1sep
Willow and her grandma, Faith.

willow 100-sep
Willow looks up at her mom, Jenna.

willow 026-1 5x7

willow 066-sep


Dine With Donna said...

Jewels; You are able to capture the best moments and expressions. These photos are priceless!

Gracie said...

She is gorgeous!! Nice captures. Sweet moments.

S. Etole said...

Your title is so true ... I just kept thinking "OH! WOW!" Beautiful moments and beautiful hearts you have captured.

Elizabeth said...

Awesome pictures! You bring out the best in people!

Jodi said...

Julia those are AWESOME pictures...what a BEAUTIFUL baby!!

spread your wings said...

lovely portraits of this sweet little baby.

Anooja said...

As usual.. lvely pictures Jewels !!