Saturday, December 19, 2009

ping & pong's little christmas brunch

I had the opportunity yesterday to meet up with my friend Cathy, aka Pong, for a little Christmas cheer. It's so sad that in the busy-ness of our lives that we don't have more time to do this, but I was thankful for this brief time.


We had a little lunch and shared this wonderful white chocolate raspberry torte cupcake. She gave me this fun foamy FIG soap because FIG stands for Fun Island Get-away and I gave her a Kelleys Island Shirt which my cousin Lindsay sent to me.

The shirt says "Drink More Coffee Do Stupid Things Faster".

Maybe it's a good thing we didn't have too much time to get into too many stupid things.




ELK said...

great post...smiling !

Elizabeth said...

I love the picture by the men's room. I've done that stupid thing not once but TWICE. Fortunately there was no one there at the time I went in and used it!

S. Etole said...

Sounds like a good shirt for my son and his wife ... they love coffee.