Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Raising a Mathlete

Edward came home this past Sunday for lunch and shared news of his math exploits at Calvin. Ok, it's not like he talks non-stop, but he does tell me about it. I think back to 7th grade when I would drive him across town to a local university for an advanced class and how we would try to think of as many phrases with a short "a" sound in a row and say them in a nasal tone... like did you pAck a snAck in my bAck pAck for mAth clAss? He still likes to say silly things like when I want to know something, he says, did you "glooble" it?

edward 001-1
I love how he patiently waits for me to take his picture before he goes back.

Anyway, he had just spent 6 hours on Saturday taking the Putnam, a nationwide Mathematics competition. Last month, he was on Calvin College's 1st place 3-person team in the MATH challenge against other colleges in the midwest (I think they typically have over 60 teams but I don't know for sure about this year). I am happy that he's continuing since his high school days!

edward 010-3


Dine With Donna said...

Let's see, Grandpa Bouman, Edward's mother and now Edward and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! All are mathematicians!

spread your wings said...

very impressive!! and such a handsome man. i'm glad he was patient for your picture taking ; )