Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting Ready for 4+ Months in Europe

edward a'dam 008-1 copy
Happiness that the day has finally arrived

I made sure I took a few photos of Edward before he left Thursday to record the excitement of the day. The photo above was taken after his one hour morning run (he's training for a marathon) and he looks very happy/relieved/excited. I didn't take a picture of his luggage, and I'm not sure why because it was a sight to behold.

edward a'dam 014-1
Anticipation on the way to the airport. We were at the intersection right before you go into the Gerald R. Ford International Airport waiting for a red light. I took this because I wanted to remember how he was sitting there with his backpack looking ahead.

edward a'dam 017-2
Relief after successfully checking his luggage in at just under 50 lbs. and getting his boarding pass after we had met up with the group of about 18 students (and many of their parents) headed to Amsterdam from Calvin College.

edward a'dam 023-1
Patience while having a last photo taken with the parents.

edward a'dam 024 copy edward a'dam 025-1 edward a'dam 026-1
Contemplation, expectation, and high hopes while waiting at the security gate.

edward a'dam 027-1
Good humor as Mom takes one last photo before getting to the gate.

Friday morning, we did talk on Skype and it was actually like he was right inside my computer. They had all only slept about an hour on the plane and I could tell he was tired, but still very excited to have arrived safely in his dorm room with all his things.


ELK said...

what a very special series of good bye shots ...onward to adventure!!

S. Etole said...

best wishes to your son ...