Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Antidote, Part 2 - Rushing Water

After brekkie, we headed from Eastown to downtown GR after a brief stop at Deirdre's home in East Grand Rapids to pick up our camera equipment. We are amassing a fairly large arsenal though Deirdre's backpack is now bigger than mine! :)

january ps 044-1

Our first stop was near the 6th street dam across the river from the fish ladder. Above is a view from the south of the infamous Sixth Street Bridge which I usually picture from the north. We took photos of the water rushing over the dam and it did feel good to listen to it flowing by.

january ps 034-1

Looking south on the river into Grand Rapids, I saw these bridges which reminded me of the bridges over the canals in Amsterdam for a second.

january ps 030-1

As I look again at these photos of the icy cold water rushing underneath me, I am recalling with gratitude Deirdre's warning to me to be careful.

january ps 018-1

Later that afternoon in my own bedroom, I tripped over a cord and bit the dust on the soft carpeting and that was bad enough!

january ps 017-2

january ps 031 copy


Deirdre said...

Great pictures. You were FREAKIN' me out walking around down there. Glad you didn't fall in. :)

ELK said...

what an adventure !! great shots

S. Etole said...

like the angles of these ...

Anonymous said...

The next to last one is my favorite.