Monday, January 04, 2010


ed 002-1
Edward acts as a prop as I experiment with flash photography

It has been very enjoyable to have Edward home - sense of humor and all. He even gladly went to the mall with me one evening to get things in preparation for his trip to Europe (Amsterdam) at the end of January and it was fun!

I have often told Edward how I would sit and wonder about things when I was growing up because we didn't have encyclopedias, let alone Google which has been a wonder to me! So whenever I do wonder aloud about something in his life, he tells me to google it. When we were talking about where he would be staying at the VU University, we found a picture of his dorm:
I will say this makes me feel a bit better about him being gone for sooo long.


MaryAnn Ashley said...

I always wished that I had studied abroad when I was in college... Lucky! I will be thinking of you as the month goes on.

pearlie said...

Hey ... Happy New Year to you too! We've been away from each other too long :)

At least he is a willing model, Calvin nowadays shy away from me when I am with the camera, which then again, is rare these days.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE this painting!