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Love Thursday

bridgie 22 004-1

This past Monday, the girls were off for winter break and Bridget found some time to experiment with her hair. The result was this fun, fun style which was begging to be preserved in a photograph. It was night time, so I played with some lighting techniques - I have a ways to go on that, I know, but we did have fun together!!!

bridgie 22 018-1

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Go Eddie, Go!

This past weekend, Edward ran in his first Dutch 10K race... the Jagerspalsloop! It was quite fun to find these photos of him running in the Netherlands and to know he's doing what he loves. "Go Eddie, Go" is the phrase used by the Aunties when they see him run by and also is like his favorite childhood book, "Go Dog, Go."

I found these photos of Edward on a Dutch race website that he sent us the link to. He finished 3rd in the race.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Ping Pong World Cup

This past Saturday morning, I met Cathy, aka Pong, and her son Ben at Boston Square since I had heard through Facebook that they were sponsoring the "Ping Pong World Cup"! We signed up to be part of the action and I'm very happy to say that Pong advanced to the Golden Paddle Round and Ben was the semi-finalist in the Silver Paddle Round. I did ok too.... had some extremely long volleys with Won Lee who was the 2nd place finisher.

ping pong 007 ben ping pong 003 cathy
Ben & Cathy participate in the funnest game in the whole world.

If you go to Google and click on Images at the top, the type in Funnest Game in the Whole World in the search box, you will find an amazing thing!

ping pong 3x3

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flash Back Friday 151

ed globe
Edward, 1993

When Edward was little he loved maps and globes. When he was in Kindergarten, his teacher told me about one day when they were branstorming M words. His hand shot up and he said, "Madagascar." So the teacher asked Ed to come up front and show everyone where that was on the globe... he was happy to do that!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Thursday

We are trying to love the snow! I asked Bridget to stand with the snow as a backdrop the way I had done with Maria a couple of years ago.

bridget bw
Bridgie, Feb 2010

Maria blue tex
Maria, Feb 2008

Then, I went out and watched a drip from an icicle for awhile and thought how nice it is to feel the warmer (33 degrees) temps.

melting icicle diptych white

Then I just admired some snow and the way it sat on this step so geometrically.

icicles 026-1

Happy Love Thursday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Of Icicles and Exercise

icicles 024-1

We are in the depths of the cold and snow this winter, and regretfully, I have given up my 9 year practice of walking 2 miles per day outside (almost every day). It has been a gradual giving up over the past year with knee trouble and anemia to contribute to the cause and also a general desire not to fall on the icy pavement. Thankfully, in the past month, I've found an indoor walking routine which I've been doing, new excercise pants and all!

Check it out here (parts 1 & 2): Walking

icicles 016-1

Monday, February 15, 2010

Greetings from the King & Queen of Smilde

May 2003

This is just to ease the letdown of the Monday after Valentine's Day. I love the green in this one!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day/Kitty For Sale

This weekend, My Valentine and I made a lightbox to take photos of things - like objects to sell on ebay or something. It was fun! We bought 3 10 foot PVC pipes and the elbows and T's. etc. Then John awoke me Saturday morning to tell me Leo was posing in it albeit somewhat timidly. I got up (Early for a Sat. morning and took his pic):

He wouldn't give me a graceful Leo pose for anything because of the paper underneath him.

Have a Happy valentine's Day all!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

75% Dutch

I found the above photo of Edward on his Facebook wall walking through the town of Delft with 3 of his classmates. He's on the left of the 4 which is in the middle of the picture. Each time I look at it I think how he looks right at home there. The joke always goes, in our family, that our kids are 75% Dutch because John is all Dutch and I'm only half Dutch. Well, I do think I walked in that exact spot about 7 years ago.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Two Teenage Daughters and a Homecoming Dance

This past Saturday evening, Bridget & Maria both went with friends to the Homecoming Dance at South Christian High School. I went to the mall with them last month to get their dresses, but they did the shopping and picking out themselves. They both did allow me to come to their friends' houses for the pre-dance photos with their friends. I was so happy to oblige.

Bridget, on the right side in front, went with a group of 15 of her freshman friends who were very happy and excited.

homecoming dance 020-1

homecoming dance 030-2

hcd58 tex

Maria went with Frick and some of their other friends.

homecoming dance 098-2

Or should I say, she went with Mr. Darcy?

homecoming dance 076-1

Monday, February 08, 2010

Embarrassing Bridget from This Far Away

homecoming 003-1
Bridget, 5th row from top under the "H".

I just waved in a big way and took a picture. Then I got a phone call, something about, "Can you be any more embarrassing?" Cute.

John & I went to the Homecoming game this past Friday night where Maria was honored in South Christian's version of a homecoming court.

homecoming 018-1
Maria is in the exact middle here.

The kids gave flowers to the person who influenced them most, so Maria chose BOTH John & me. What a good girl :)

homecoming 031-1 homecoming 032-1

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Sunshine on My Loveseat Makes Me Happy

It was so good to see the sun come out this past weekend.
The dust was also looking alive and well.

Happy Ground Hog's Day!!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Made It!

On the right hand side bar of this blog in the blue box, I added the link to 2 new blogs, "Semester in the Netherlands" which is a group effort of Edward's class in the Amsterdam and "Sarah's blog" which is the blog of one of his classmates I met in the airport.

I talked to Ed a few times over the weekend on Skype. I discovered I could take video snapshots of him while we talked, so that made me happy. I *heart* technology. This is one of the first times and I thought he was looking so European:

The next time, I took a series of them when he was looking even more European:

Ok, I promise I'm done now for awhile. I do need to get out more!