Monday, February 08, 2010

Embarrassing Bridget from This Far Away

homecoming 003-1
Bridget, 5th row from top under the "H".

I just waved in a big way and took a picture. Then I got a phone call, something about, "Can you be any more embarrassing?" Cute.

John & I went to the Homecoming game this past Friday night where Maria was honored in South Christian's version of a homecoming court.

homecoming 018-1
Maria is in the exact middle here.

The kids gave flowers to the person who influenced them most, so Maria chose BOTH John & me. What a good girl :)

homecoming 031-1 homecoming 032-1


Deirdre said...

Ah, just beautiful. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jewels! I got out my magnifying glass and found Bridget!

S. Etole said...

yes ... beautiful ... the love abounds!