Monday, February 22, 2010

The Ping Pong World Cup

This past Saturday morning, I met Cathy, aka Pong, and her son Ben at Boston Square since I had heard through Facebook that they were sponsoring the "Ping Pong World Cup"! We signed up to be part of the action and I'm very happy to say that Pong advanced to the Golden Paddle Round and Ben was the semi-finalist in the Silver Paddle Round. I did ok too.... had some extremely long volleys with Won Lee who was the 2nd place finisher.

ping pong 007 ben ping pong 003 cathy
Ben & Cathy participate in the funnest game in the whole world.

If you go to Google and click on Images at the top, the type in Funnest Game in the Whole World in the search box, you will find an amazing thing!

ping pong 3x3

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