Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Two Teenage Daughters and a Homecoming Dance

This past Saturday evening, Bridget & Maria both went with friends to the Homecoming Dance at South Christian High School. I went to the mall with them last month to get their dresses, but they did the shopping and picking out themselves. They both did allow me to come to their friends' houses for the pre-dance photos with their friends. I was so happy to oblige.

Bridget, on the right side in front, went with a group of 15 of her freshman friends who were very happy and excited.

homecoming dance 020-1

homecoming dance 030-2

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Maria went with Frick and some of their other friends.

homecoming dance 098-2

Or should I say, she went with Mr. Darcy?

homecoming dance 076-1

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Elizabeth said...

Mr. Darcy looks like he would be a fun date!