Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ping & Pong's Three Cheese Birthday Celebration

Last evening, I met my dear bright and shining star of a friend Cathy at Olga's Restaurant to celebrate her Birthday Eve. This is the third year in a row that we have celebrated by having a delicious 3-cheese Olga (so appropriate for 3/3) and it was time to capture the memory in photographs. We had a very sweet waitress named Treonna who was happy to help us celebrate! She brought us a tiny bowl of curly fries since we didn't need a whole one.


Then she happily tried her hand at my big old camera to take the Ping and Pong 3-Cheese Birthday Celebration Portrait.


Then, bless her heart, she brought us these wonderful chocolate mousse cups. Just the right ending to a perfectly wonderful birthday celebration!



Elizabeth said...

Our best wishes to Kathy on her birthday. What a sweet waitress!

cathyann said...

Wow--this birthday gets better and better! First Olga's and now I have been blogged! Thanks Julia!! you are a true and loyal friend!

Gracie said...

Beautiful photos--lovely of both of you!! (All of you.) And what a fun celebration!

ELK said...

what happy fun . the smiles just shine!