Monday, May 24, 2010


open house 006-1

This past weekend, we celebrated the high school graduation of Maria and her friend Marie with an open house/party. The actual ceremony is later this week. They have been friends since first grade and we enjoyed ice cream sundaes, a keg of rootbeer and a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. There were also plenty of M&M's for Maria & Marie.


The girls were given well wishes from many, many friends and relatives. And to add to the fun, my sisters Marianna & Paula came with their daughters Paige & Tiffany!

open house 043-1

Opa & Grandma also came to wish her well! They enjoyed a spot in the shade - the afternoon turned out to be mid 80's and sunny!

open house 009-2


S. Etole said...

congratulations to these lovely girls ...

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Wonderful... what a great time of life.

spread your wings said...

what a special time. i really love the photo of your mom and dad.