Friday, May 14, 2010

Flash Back Friday 161

Next Sunday, these 2 will be having their graduation open house together!

m@m 7th bday
Maria & Marie, 1st grade, March 1999

Maria & Marie, April 2010 (photo by their friend Trudy)


ELK said...

that is a friendship to honor!!

Marie said...

Hi Mrs. Smilde! I saw your photos added on Flickr, so I had to check them out here =)
Is that pizza one at Chucky Cheese's? Because I remember that bubble on the pizza. I really wanted that piece, but Maria got it because it was her birthday. Haha =)

Jewels said...

Haha Marie - what a good memory you have! that bubble must have meant a lot to you - but so kind of you to let your friend have it :)