Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home Again!!!

Oops, I kind of went missing there for awhile... a lot going on, I guess. This evening, we were expecting to go to the airport at about 9pm when we suddenly got a call shortly after 6pm from Edward that they had arrived early! I was so excited I forgot my camera, but I took the following photos when we got home. In the past week, Edward had been to London, then to Bavaria, then ran a half-marathon through the Alps, took a plane to Oslo and stayed overnight and then went back to his dorm room in Amsterdam to pack for home.

edward 007-1

Together again...
edward 012-1

I wanted to take a few photos of the hair before he gets it cut :)
edward 027-1 edward 036-1 edward 026-1


ELK said...

so so glad he arrived safely home to his sweet family..and that is unheard of !! enjoy him mom!!

S. Etole said...

It's good to see you back again ... and to see your son back safely.

faithvv said...

Has his hair always been so curly? Glad he made it safely back to Kingtree Ct. What??? YOU forgot to bring your camera! Never!!!

spread your wings said...

sounds like some great experiences for your son, but i know you are so glad to have him home. he's got great hair.