Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Then Bursting Forth

peonies 017-2

peonies 016-1

peonies 004-1

peonies 020-1

peonies 018-3

The beginning of June always brings the blooming of the peonies in our yard and I cannot let this time pass without photos of these dear flowers which are here for such a brief time! The pop out so quickly and are so top-heavy, some of them fall to the ground. I already rescued a few and brought them inside before they landed face-first in the mud. This post is a longer-lasting bouquet for you.


S. Etole said...

These remind me of peppermint candy ... so beautifully caught!

spread your wings said...

so many people have been photographing peonies. they are such frilly wonderful flowers. mine have already bloomed. i got a few good photos but not as many as i wanted.