Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canons and Waterfalls and Old Friends

Another amazing thing that happened last week in Vermont was meeting up with a friend, Linda Lee, I hadn't seen since 2nd grade. That's like almost 40 years ago! Gasp!

Vermont 087-1

Of all things, we found each other on Facebook. I found out she was getting married and moving to Vermont and since John and I were going, it made perfect sense to get together!! She came up to Burlington with her new hubby Sam and youngest daughter, Katherine . We hiked to this waterfall and had a wonderful picnic/photoshoot...

Vermont 207-1

And wouldn't you know it, we picked up right where we left off in 2nd grade!

Vermont 157-2

Facebook is kinda cool for that.

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spread your wings said...

FB is cool for that. i've reconnected with several friends that way.