Monday, August 02, 2010

Old Roomie

On our way last week to John's conference in Burlington, VT, we took a detour through Albany, NY so we could see my old college roommate Linda and her husband Joe. A few years ago, they bought a house that was built in 1857 on the Hudson River in a little town called Coeymans and are in the process of restoring it into a B & B. We began our evening by going to a restaurant down the river. I took this one with a tripod and we tried to act natural.

Vermont 012-4

Here is what the house looks like from their backyard.

Vermont 025-1

Most of the house has been completely gutted. The bedrooms upstairs though were "sleepable" and the bathroom was usable. Joe did construction for 25 years before his current job as a nurse so he is very capable! Linda has been working on the garden.

Vermont 019-1

I got a kick out of the hydrangeas in a vase in the midst of it all.

Vermont 018-2

We stood for another tripod shot before we left the next morning. What was really awesome is we were able to see it in this stage so we'll have something to compare it to when we come again.

Vermont 032-1

We also needed to have a roomie shot. You can see the Hudson River out back where huge ships often go by.

Vermont 029-1

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S. Etole said...

what a welcoming place even at this stage ...