Monday, August 23, 2010

Times They are A-Changin'

maria diptych2

This past weekend, Edward moved into the apartments where he is going to live near Calvin. The apartment complex where he is living is referred to as the "Alliance" - Calvin bought these a few years ago and rents them to athletes or very athletic-minded guys. Since he already cooked for himself in the Netherlands last semester, he will be used to that part of apartment living. John went with him Friday night with his stuff and Bridget & I met them over there, but he didn't need our help unloading. We did get to look at the apartment which appeared to have a fresh coat of paint, so I approve.

I noticed that Maria had done a cool photoshop technique using "smoke" brushes to the above photo I had taken of her at prom, so I asked her if I could post them side by side on the blog. She will be moving into a dorm at Calvin on September 1 and we will be left with our dear Bridget!!!


ELK said...

lots of moving going on wishes for this new season... LOVE the photos !!

Marianna said...

Wow! Maria's picture is so cool! And yes, times they are a changin! Can't believe Edward is a junior and Maria is going off to college. Crazy, but good, right?