Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love Thursday: Art Prize

It has been so so fun this week to go walk around downtown to see the art on display for ArtPrize. Tonight, I'm going with my friend Deirdre. It has been too long for one of those escapades, I tell ya'. This is some of what John & I saw Tuesday night.

Young Kim made his piece, as last year, out of salt and red clay and, as you can imagine, is very fragile.



Salt & Earth, Young Kim

This piece was a very large pencil drawing by an artist who has drawn close to 85,000 people in the last 18 years.


Calvary, 1921, Chris LaPorte

This artist was inspired by the incongruent quality of dreams and the idea that we are constantly at work trying to unlock and bury, find and lose pieces of ourselves and our histories:

IMG_2878 IMG_2875 IMG_2876
Dreamscape, Kathy Stecko

In this piece, which consists of 500 blown glass river stones, the artist focused on the interaction between humanity and the natural environment using natural textures as a metaphor for nature's chaotic beauty.

River of Light, Joel O'Dorisio

We loved talking to the artist who created this giant penny out of 86,000 pennies. She came from the Dominican Republic 14 years ago and loves it in the US! She said the only way she could save money was to convert it to pennies!

penny triptych
"Helping Mom One Penny at a Time", Wander Martich

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