Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fine Fall Day for a Family Fotoshoot!

This past Saturday turned out to be perhaps the height of the fall color!! We still have some green left to turn, but I was so glad to have a family to take pictures of this past Saturday. Ben & Heather were our kids' youth group leaders - this photoshoot was a thank you to them before they move to Canada at the end of the month. Their daughter was a honey - but she definitely had a mind of her own and kept running off the set!


We managed to get some traditional shots...


IMG_4125 2

But the others were way fun too!


Click here if you want to watch a fun slide show of the whole set. It's kind of slow the first time you play it through, but if you let them load first and go get a cup of coffee and come back, you can watch it more quickly the second time through!

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