Monday, October 18, 2010

Marathon Guy(s)

Yesterday, John completed his 5th marathon! The evening before, I helped him with the carbo-loading part and then the morning of the race, Bridget & I stopped to see him run by at the 16 mile mark on our way to church. I called Edward to tell him how he was doing and make sure he was going to be at the finish line.


Then, to add to the excitement of the day, Bridget and I saw this whiz by on our way home from church. Seriously.


This was the first time I have seen Edward since he left for his junior year at Calvin and he looks older! I got a call from a friend a little later and she had seen him run by in the city also.

Edward after seeing John at the finish line.


ELK said...

perfect timing to see edward..many congrats to your husband ..what a feat!

S. Etole said...

what a happy event ...