Monday, November 01, 2010


Since this coming week is "birthday week", Edward & Maria went to lunch with us after church at Wolfgang's because it's a good place for brunch between church & Calvin College. Maria had gotten there early and put our names in, and I just can't believe how old they are getting.


But, because I always use this as an excuse to get some photos of the 3 of them, we headed out for some fun shots afterwards.


They played so nicely together at the park!


And you just gotta love a computer engineering student who plays so well with his sisters on the twisty slide.

They will always be my kids. Amen.


S. Etole said...

They look like a special bunch of kids.

spread your wings said...

this last B&W photo is really wonderful.

faithvv said...

I agree. The last one must be framed or used as a Christmas card.

Sharon said...

really nice pictures Julia. Wow, are they a good looking bunch!

ELK said...

what a wonderful grouping of shots, so Maria is a the same school as Edward?

Jewels said...

Yes, they both go to Calvin College which is across town & is also where my husband works!