Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting Smart!!!

This past weekend, Bridget performed in the play "Get Smart" at South Christian High School. She played the part of Jane, a student in Professor Dante's class. Opa and the Queen Mother came up to see the play also, so we had a fun fun weekend.

get smart triptych

This play really had me laughing out loud - enjoying the antics of not only our dear sweet Bridget but also of Maxwell Smart, Agent 99, Mr. Big & his henchmen, Professors Dante & Zalenka, the other students, the blondes and many other actors.

get smart diptych

get smart-5274-1
"Jane" is learning about the explosive device being invented by Professor Dante.

During the past 2 months that they have been working on this play, the directors emphasized the value also of seeking godly wisdom - to "Get Wise."

More photos are here.

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