Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heart Warmers

spencer-0240.jpg spencer-0255.jpg

A couple of weeks ago, I took photos of the two little brothers, and I went back this past Sunday to take a few of the whole family. It was challenging, but we managed to get a few! It was so heart-warming to see the little boys all decked out by the Christmas tree and fireplace.


And another heart warmer...

1950s 042
Happy 49th anniversary Mom & Dad!


pearlie said...

Hey :) It has been awhile since I've visited. Hope you are well.
I simply love the second picture of the boy decorating the tree, excellent lightings and composition. I have not touched my camera for too long :(

Jodi said...

How well I remember that wedding as I was a bridesmaid for my lovely cousin. We wore Christmas green taffeta gowns...really neat back then. Cousin Gaye's wedding was the same date a year earlier.