Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back

Happy Old Year's Day! As I did last year, I'm going to remember this year with some of the images that stood out to me. This is so fun!!!

January: Pine cone on a blue sky-cold winter day.

pine cone4

February: Fun portrait of Bridget and Maria with her Homecoming date.

bridgie 22 004-1

homecoming dance 098-2

March: An early splash of tulip sunshine from John

tulips 014-1

April: Waves in the Gulf of Mexico and Willow's first tulip time

wave long

willow 014-1

May: Another visit from my neighbor's grandaughter and Maria graduating into the sunset

willow2 048-1

graduation 10 118-1

June: A wave of beauty from the Atlantic and sailing with friends

obx10 177-2

sailing 008-1

July: Holland beach with dear friends and trying to capture a running Ellie

holland 041-3

ellie 012-1

August: Sidewalk cafe in Burlington, VT (singing Time of Your Life) and the Healing Hands project

Vermont 036-1


September: Artprize artists with their art

ArtPrize 2010: Monroe Community Church

ArtPrize 2010: Monroe Community Church

October: Emma with her parents and my kids still climbing trees



November: Birds on a wire and Bridget in "Get Smart"


get smart-5305

get smart triptych

December: Portrait of Izzy, the one where the tripod went haywire, and my own dear mother!


christmas 2010-0618.jpg

christmas 2010-0493.jpg

Here's to many more happy images in 2011!!!

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S. Etole said...

It would be hard to pick a favorite ... they are all so good.

Blessings for 2011.