Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Trial of Goldilocks

Last Friday, Bridget played the role of Goldilocks for Master Arts Theatre to about 200 kids in the gym of a local school. The whole cast did a great job in this funny version of the tale!

Cast of Goldilocks: 3 bears, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, clerk of court, judge, jury members, and Goldilocks.

They began by telling the story as we all know it:


Then they gave the bears' version where Goldilocks is a "bad girl":


Finally, they tell it from Goldilocks' perspective where she is portrayed as sweet and innocent:


Unfortunately, Goldilocks is declared "guilty" but to everyone's surprise, the bears and the lawyers are declared guilty too:


Goldilocks reacts graciously to her sentence of making the bears' beds, cleaning their house and making their porridge for a week:


Very interesting take on the old story!

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elizabeth said...

Would have loved to be there!