Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Pretty Special Graduation

This past Saturday, John & I attended our friend Lydia's graduation. She was getting her Master of Fine Arts Degree in painting from Kendall College of Art & Design and when I realized her parents from the east coast were not going to be able to make it for the graduation, I told her we would come. And take pictures. And be her adopted parents. It was a wonderful occasion!

05-11 Lydia graduation-3779.jpg

It was very meaningful to hear Pomp & Circumstance even though she had only been my kid for a few days so far.

05-11 Lydia graduation-3797.jpg

John's strategic seating plans allowed me to get a picture of her "hooding" and to get her as she came out of the historic Fountain Street Church where the ceremony was held.

05-11 Lydia graduation-3814.jpg

We went over to the school for the reception and looked at her latest painting, Catalyst. This 67inx87in oil on canvas is in the front lobby of the school and it is beautiful.

05-11 Lydia graduation-3823.jpg

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