Monday, August 01, 2011

Swift but Unforgettable

t swift-7389.jpg
Last week Thursday, my friend Cathy and I tried to pull a fast one on our daughters, Emily & Bridget. We took them out to a restaurant NEXT to the VanAndel Arena where Taylor Swift just happened to be having a concert. We told them we were going to go look at the tour bus. Cathy gave an envelope with tickets to the hostess at the restaurant who surprised them with it. I don't know if they look stunned or not.

t swift-7391.jpg
Anyway, they were beyond excited to go! Cathy & I walked around downtown and ate a leisurely supper during the concert - something we hardly ever get a chance to do! We ended up hearing all about the concert at a midnight-ish trip to IHOP! We even talked about our very first outing, cooking chili.

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spread your wings said...

how exciting for two young girls.