Monday, April 30, 2012

Three Part Celebration for Bridget's 17th

To celebrate Bridget's 17th trip around the sun, we met John and our friends Cathy, Emily & Ben at Olga's for supper.  This fun cake they brought added so much to the celebration!  Turning the "Big One...7" is in reference to a movie we watched together a few weekends ago about growing a big pumpkin called Growing the Big One.

For Part 2, Bridget had some of her dearest friends from school over for pizza and a movie on Friday night.

Apparently, a baggy of 4 goldfish is a funny gift.  Now she has to keep them alive.  She exclaimed, "There's already poop in the bag!"

Part 3:  pizza dinner with the family after church on Sunday! Fun times.

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