Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen, Edward!

Edward - Airport-4933
Ed graduated from Calvin on Saturday and left Monday morning for a summer practicum working at TRW in Koblenz, Germany.  He returns in mid-August for a few days before grad school at Notre Dame.  We had to make an event of the morning trip to the airport because it's the last time our famly will be together until Christmas.  You see, Maria will be leaving for the fall semester in Peru before Edward returns. And so, I had to take their photo one last time in front of our house.

Last time till Christmas, no big deal...
Edward - Airport-4941
Edward - Airport-4943
Edward - Airport-4944
Edward - Airport-4946
Edward - Airport-4948
Edward - Airport-4949

Then it was time to start boarding, but always time for a few more shots...
Edward - Airport-4954

Edward - Airport-4967

At last, the time arrived, but first smile for Mom,
Edward - Airport-4973

then start to go,
Edward - Airport-4974

 then hear her say, "Eddie, one more"
Edward - Airport-4976

then turn into a silhouette...
Edward - Airport-4978

We watched him go off through airport security and saw that he had to take his shoes off.  The last we saw him, he just had his socks on, so as we walked out, I texted him to ask if he had put his shoes back on.  John & I laughed at the irony of asking that of our son who just graduated with a degree in Computer & Electrical Engineering.  Yes, we probably asked him 100 times if he had his passport, but maybe more to check ourselves.

Of course, we stayed to watch the plane take off...
Edward - Airport-4990

...and off he went.
Edward - Airport-4994


faithvv said...

Sweet story. Your family is all grown up! I wish them well.

Dawn Fenbema said...

Hi Julia,
I loved your blog entry...you captured it well! Having seen Meredith off to other lands, I know the difficulty of seeing them leave. You raised great kids and I wish each of you God's blessings as you begin a new chapter in life!