Monday, May 14, 2012

The Lottery

This past weekend, Bridget played Tessie Hutchinson in a very disturbing play, the Lottery.  Tessie is a rather free-spirited woman who arrives to the annual lottery late.  Her name is drawn from the box, so she is the one in the town who gets stoned.  And they do it quickly, heartlessly despite her cries that it isn't fair!  Bridget did a wonderful job bringing out the emotion of the character, though it was heart-wrenching to watch.

bridget - playbill-4806

bridget - playbill-4808

bridget - playbill-4815

bridget - playbill-4816

bridget - playbill-4819

bridget - playbill-4820

bridget - playbill-4822

bridget - playbill-4823

It was hard to watch, but I'm happy to report she came out alive and smiling for the curtain call.
bridget - playbill-4824

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pearlie said...

Wish I was there to watch it. By any chance it is on YouTube? :)

It has been awhile - I hope all has been well with you and the family.