Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prayer in My Camera Bag

For the sun that comes up at the break of each day
For the moon that appears among the shining night stars
For soft white clouds diffusing the incandescent miracle
For colors popping and faces glowing, resplendent glory
For dappled light on the forest floor and the tree house rising up
For wind moving through the weeds and grass
For solid earth that holds them down
For pink magnolia trees and the mossy fallen log
For shiny things, the white Christmas lights
For green and gold and the color blue
For rhythms and lines and repetitions and colors that calm and soothe or agitate and excite
For peeling paint and the shiny red car
For the new things revealed and the old things preserved
For fresh strawberries and blessed coffee cake
For the rain falling sideways and mint tea in my cup
For the friends you can never forget and children that must not grow old
For gold, frankincense, and myrrh and the baby wrapped in light    -J Smilde

old things-1479 moon-3049
december--3 december-2102
december-2-3 09-12 artprize lights -0263

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