Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wanted: One Groom

Bridget had one more opportunity to be in a high school play this past weekend.   They did student directed Playbills and Bridget was in one called, "Wanted: One Groom."

bridget playbill-4496-6
Bridget playing "Kayla" and her best friend on stage talk about her wedding plan while Mrs. Shand sits on the couch.

A brief synapsis: Mr. and Mrs. Shand’s meeting through a classified ad brought marital bliss.  So why not place a husband want ad for Kayla, their daughter?  But the family carries strict requirements:  respect for elders, a promising future and an appreciation for antiques.  Excited over the prospect, Kayla invites her best friend over to discuss arrangements.  The doorbell rings.  A young gentleman, who just happens to be eligible, is answering an ad...  for an antique statue!  But he’s well-mannered, obviously likes antiques and is even studying law at Harvard.  Through a hilarious conversation laced with double meanings, the prospective buyer becomes the prospective groom. 

bridget playbill-4573-77
The Best Friend tries to talk the parents, Kayla, and the potential groom out of the ridiculousness of planning a wedding with a want ad.

bridget playbill-4580-82
They need to wait just a few days for the marriage license after all.

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