Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day in Toronto, Part 2

After lunch, I headed toward Lake Ontario and saw a grassy area where I could sit.  As soon as I sat down, the Tall Ships started to come in and the air was suddenly full of excitement and awe as the people watched the crews work together to dock these War of 1812 replica ships.  I stayed for hours and met a very nice lady who had lived in Toronto all of her life and it was her birthday and her first day of retirement.  We talked of many things and soon our conversation turned to matters of faith and a tear dropped from her eye and she told me it was a blessing to her that we met and talked there on that spot and when I think about how I very randomly ended up there and her too, I can see how this is something only God could orchestrate.  I would say it was a blessing for me, too.

06-13 Toronto-5069-13

06-13 Toronto-5059-Edit-25

06-13 Toronto-5089-Edit-31

06-13 Toronto-5095-Edit-2-1

06-13 Toronto-5079-Edit-29

06-13 Toronto-5075-15

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