Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love Thursday: Calvin

Yesterday, we moved Bridget into the dorms at Calvin!  First, we put all her shtuff in the car...
08-13 Bridget @ Calvin-7952-1

Then we moved everything up to her room with the help of some very friendly we-haul people. She unpacked and we got her bed made...
08-13 Bridget @ Calvin-7975-5

Took some roommie pix...
08-13 Bridget @ Calvin-7985-11

08-13 Bridget @ Calvin-7976-1

08-13 Bridget @ Calvin-7983-10

Then found some of Maria's friends to bond with...

08-13 Bridget @ Calvin-7982-9

I think Bridget will be just fine!

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