Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Beauty of 2014

Here are some of the favorite photos I took during each month of 2014 for this last day of the year post. It's getting harder to pick a favorite photo for each month so I picked a few for each month. When you hear statistics such as 10% of all photos taken have been taken in the past year and every 2 minutes we take as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800's, it's easy to see why. (I have taken probably 12,000 alone this year). When I do take pictures at an event of friends or family or other beautiful things, it helps me to remember them and I am so thankful for all these moments. And I remember He is present even in the times when I am not hyper-aware with my camera. May God bless you and His face shine on you in 2015. Let it be so.


01-14 Grand River-0798-Edit-2-1
John fishing in the snow on the Grand River.

1-14 Snowy Owl-0281-Edit-1
Snowy Owl in GR


02-14 sem pond-0398-Edit-27
Bridget jumping in the Sem Pond at Calvin College.

02-14 orchid-0412-17
Orchids for Valentine's Day


03-14 Florida-0977-Edit-1

03-14 Florida-1003-Edit-166

03-14 Florida-0922-Edit-2-Edit-1
Tiffany's wedding in Florida


04-14 california-1658-Edit

04-14 california-1654-Edit
Santa Monica Beach, California

04-14 Bridget Birthday-1828-Edit
Bridget's Birthday


05-14 BA Senior Exhibition-1929-Edit

05-14 BA Senior Exhibition-1930

05-14 Maria Calvin Grad-3003
Sacred Dimensionality (Maria's Senior Art Exhibit)

05-14 Maria Calvin Grad-3159-Edit
Maria's Graduation


06-14 poppy-3590-Edit
My friend Faith's French Bulldog puppy

06-14 flowers-3393-Edit

06-14 flowers-3392-Edit


07-14 Dock pix-4991-Edit
The Dock Family

2014-7 dykhouse-5557
The Dykhouse Family


2014-8 Josh& Hannah-7164

2014-8 Josh& Hannah-1162

2014-8 Josh& Hannah-6552-Edit
Hannah & Josh's Wedding

8-14 Baltimore-7604-Edit
A fun, colorful photo on a street corner in Baltimore, the city where Maria moved.


09-14 Seattle-7879
Edward in front of his apartment in Seattle

09-14 Seattle-7886-2
Ferris Wheel Reflections

09-14 Seattle-7978
Pike Place Market

09-14 Seattle-8041
Seattle Skyline


10-14 Apotheker-99167-Edit
Ruthie, Miriam & Simon

10-14 VanVliet-9357-Edit
The VanVliet's (that one time when their dogs were all looking at me)

2014-10 Bridget & Friends-9672-Edit
Bridget & Friends

2014-10 Fall-0234-Edit
Japanese Maple in our front yard


2014-11 Thanksgiving-0630-Edit-Edit
Maria & Bridget in Baltimore and the heart in the middle.

2014-11 Thanksgiving-0454-Edit
Maria & Bridge overlooking Harper's Ferry

2014-11 Thanksgiving-0390-Edit
Maria & Bridget amid the ruins of St. John's Episcopal Church.


2014-12 West Point-0708

2014-12 West Point-0732-Edit

2014-12 West Point-0776-Edit
Heather & Vincent's wedding at West Point

2014-12 Christmas-0853-Edit-2
Bailey, the Queen Mother's Golden Doodle

2014-12 Christmas-0829

2014-12 Christmas-0856-Edit-2-Edit
Edward's Golden Birthday

All good things to you in 2015!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Simon is Very Loved

10-14 Apotheker-99167-Edit
I did a photoshoot with this family on Saturday. This is one of my faves!

Monday, October 06, 2014


Soon after we got home from Seattle, it was time to install ArtPrize at our church. What a great day! Here are a couple that I loved:

09-14 ArtPrize-8365
Murmuration by Gwen Terry

09-14 ArtPrize-8320
Living Words by Paul Rio

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Love Thursday!

09-14 Seattle-7829
I haven't done a Love Thursday in awhile, but i just have the perfect pic. Edward in his apartment with his globe. Yes. Stay tuned for tomorrow!